AQB 2nd AGM celebration

Mon 18 November 2019 Our 2nd AGM celebration was held last night at The Griffin pub, Brook Road South. Here is the link to the AGM presentation for anyone who is interested and wasn’t able to make the meeting:

AQB 2nd AGM_presentation

Eastbourne Road planting project

eastbourne road before.jpg
Before (from Google street view)

eastbourne road planting project 19oct19.jpg

Saturday 19 October 2019 Some residents from Eastbourne Road, north of the M4 flyover in Brentford, had asked us if a planting project could be done along the pedestrian alleyway to the A4. Continue reading

Hounslow Air Quality Steering Group and Climate Emergency meetings

Tuesday 9 October 2019 The second of Hounslow Council’s Air Quality Steering Group took place at The Holiday Inn, Brentford.

Here is a summary of the questions we asked the Council, with reference to our feedback to the AQAP consultation response in Dec 2017:

…and also the Sky News Global Warming video shown at the Climate Emergency meeting in the afternoon, showing what would happen if global temperatures rise above 2 degrees.

Clean Air Zone
– could you ask/work with TfL to make the A4 corridor running through the residential part of Brentford to become a Clean Air Zone? The M4 section (Highways England) above it is already enforcing a 40mph limit, however the A4 doesn’t enforce a speed limit, so people drive faster than 40mph. We’d like the speed limit on this A4 in this residential section to be reduced to 30mph.

A4 cleaning
– please let us know what your plans are regarding deep-cleaning the central reservation under the M4? It sounds like there might be some progress with this.
– could you set up a time-table for doing this regularly please?

A4/under M4 flyover greening
– if there is progress regarding greening under the M4 that would be wonderful to follow up on please.

No Idling Signs
– it’s good to know these are in use in the Borough, however I haven’t spotted any of them. Is there a list of the locations please?
– could we please have No Idling signs for:
1) the Kings Arms pub on Station Parade, next to our SWR flower slope
2) and 3) outside Brentford Station, north and south sides
4) outside Ann’s Taxi Rank on Boston Manor Road
5) outside Pizzaiolo, on Windmill Road
6) and 7) Brentford High Street, north and south sides
These are idling hot spots in already-polluted areas.

City Hall monitors in Hounslow
– it was mentioned that there were additional City Hall monitors in Hounslow, it would be good to know where these are located

Brentford buses
– TfL have given us an update of the buses used in Brentford, please see our updated list here:
– could you please push for more emission-free buses as a matter of urgency?

A4 Hedge in Brentford
– it would be great if the Council could give the go-ahead for this.

Refuse Collection vehicles
– please ask the Refuse Collection vehicles not to Idle on residential roads, for the health of their workers and residents.

LSX event at City Hall

P1110348.jpg10 September 2019 We attended this event at City Hall along with other organisations and community groups concerned about air quality. It was noted that we’re now 6 months in to the first phase of the ULEZ and it will be expanded in October 2021. Continue reading

Heathrow consultation, our response

11 September 2019
Dear Sir/Madam

As a group which is concerned about air pollution and the poor quality of our air locally in Brentford we object to the proposal to expand Heathrow Airport by adding a 3rd runway. The main impact of increasing the current flights by 700 more planes a day will negatively affect over 650,000 people in West London with a vast increase in greenhouse gas emissions and significant ‘noise change’. In addition, the increased quantity of surface traffic as a result of a further runway would significantly increase traffic running through Brentford which, being a major arterial route for London is already highly congested with traffic running through residential areas.

A Climate Change Emergency has been declared in the UK and worldwide, there is a necessity to decrease the use of airport transport rather than an increase in levels. We need to decrease our use of fossil fuel with the detrimental impact its emissions have on human health, both locally in terms of Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulates and on a wider level in terms of Carbon Dioxide which is affecting global climate change.

Airplanes emit particles and gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, hydrocarbonscarbon monoxidenitrogen oxidessulfur oxideslead, and black carbon, and the proposed escalation in air plane usage in the skies over West London is highly unacceptable.

DEFRA refer to research showing that both particulates and nitrogen oxides can travel downwind for a very substantial distance (up to 40 kilometres). The Air Quality Expert Group of DEFRA say in their report of 2018 entitled “Ultrafine Particles (UFP) in the UK” that at “a location such as Heathrow Airport, where aircraft tend to approach the airport from the east (flying over the London conurbation), there is potential for considerable exposure to UFP from aircraft”.
UFPs are minute particles emitted into the atmosphere from combustion. They are described by DEFRA as “Emissions of UFP arise primarily from combustion sources and especially transport-related sources which burn sulphur-containing fuels. Emissions from road transport affect all areas with major roads, emissions from shipping are important on the main shipping routes, and emissions from aviation are significant in the vicinity of major airports”.
UFPs are particularly harmful, penetrating deep into the lungs and from there into the body – something acknowledged by DEFRA in its report. Particulates and Nitrogen Dioxide together can be very harmful and affect breathing. Together they cause more than 28,000 deaths per year.
Air Quality Brentford

Netley Road planting project

 netley road planting project 28july.jpg

Sunday 28 July 2019 Syon House gave us five huge containers they no longer needed, so we identified the area outside Netley Road shops as a spot which could benefit, and permission was granted from Hounslow Highways to locate them there.

Many thanks to Brentford FC and Hounslow Council Small Grant for donations to fund this project. Thanks also to Syon House for growing some plants for us: Echinacea, Solidago and Rubekia. Syon Garden Centre also donated some plants and we bought some of their clearance plants to keep costs down, and dug soil from the garden to fill the containers for free. Continue reading