First steps: looking at our air quality

Spring 2016: Our group started out in the Spring 2016 with the hope of making some positive change to our air quality in Brentford, given that we have to contend with the major arterial routes of the M4 and A4 running through residential areas.

These were our first steps:

  • Investigated the results of the air quality monitoring station on the A4. These are available for all to see at:
  • Found out that there were high levels of harmful emissions produced by diesel vehicles: Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM10)
  • Hounslow Council’s Air Quality Assessment and Mitigation reports (see condensed version of the 2015 report here with Brentford-specific content only)
  • London Mayor’s idea to increase the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) up to the North/South Circular (not including this road), Brentford being outside this. ULEZ will enforce a fee on the more polluting diesel vehicles in these areas
  • Royal College of Physicians report on the health effects of air pollution. Every breath we take: The lifelong impact of air pollution. This can be found online at:

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