Publicity for London Mayor’s 2nd consultation on air quality

November 2016: This year the Mayor of London has been consulting the public for their views on air quality in London. The main issue is that diesel vehicles are causing toxic Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulate Matter to be emitted in to our air, causing us potential health issues. One of the potential options is to extend the ULEZ* (Ultra Low Emission Zone) to the North and South Circular Road, not including this road, leaving Brentford outside of the area and very much in a pollution hotspot with arterial roads running through residential areas.

*The ULEZ limits diesel vehicles entering this area by charging a fee and helping to limit the increase of these harmful emissions.

We created this poster and distributed it locally to help raise awareness of the issue and to make their opinions known before the 2nd consultation closed on 18 Dec 2016.


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