Green Dragon School plant their Woodland Trust free trees and hedges

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Green Dragon Primary School received their free packs of Woodland Trust trees and hedges last week, the little saplings arriving just in time to plant during their Science Week. We went along to see how they got on. Each class was given the responsibility of planting one tree each throughout the week, labelling them with their class name and watching over them as they grow. Trees and plants take in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and in return create Oxygen (O2) which we all need to live. They also help to absorb the toxic emissions of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM10) which are made in particular by diesel vehicles driving along our busy roads, so we are encouraging the planting of trees, plants and flowers everywhere in Brentford.

The school split their tree pack with The Green School to share the number between them and Gunnersbury School also had their packs of saplings delivered. If you’d like to get involved in this Woodland Trust scheme you can apply for your school or community group to receive packs in time for the next delivery date of the first week in November here:

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One thought on “Green Dragon School plant their Woodland Trust free trees and hedges

  1. hi its melanie tipan you use to have till year 3 sorry i forgot to visit my favourite school i have ever loved. i have met joshua because we both go to the same school again and he says wonderful stuff about all of you and the pupil


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