How do we get clean air for all Londoners?

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22 March 2017
That was the question posed by Caroline Russell last night at a content-packed meeting of over 80 representatives from every London borough. There were informed mini-presentations from Simon Birkett @CleanAirLondon, Prof Frank Kelly (Kings College), Alice Monroe (Doctors Against Diesel) @DieselDrs, Louise Francis @Mapping4Change, Andrea Lee @Client Earth, Prof Andrea Seller @Sellerthechemist, Lara Houston and Dr Jennifer Gabrys @citizensense.

All the participants lived outside the proposed ULEZ extension zone of the North and South Circular and were fully aware of very high measurements of NO2 and Particulate Matter polluting their air quality. ‘We want to breathe clean air too’ and this won’t happen without change. Last night we investigated ways that we can encourage more people to sign the petition to extend the ULEZ to the whole of Greater London:

The Mayor will also launch the 3rd part of his consultation on air quality which will include the option to extend the ULEZ to the whole of Greater London.

We came away feeling inspired and back in Brentford one of the things we are going to focus on is getting in touch with local schools to help us come up with their own ideas of how to improve our air quality. We were encouraged to be creative and radical, connect with more campaign groups, have street parties and make our roads much friendlier places for children and people to enjoy rather than the emphasis being on vehicles. #BiggerULEZ and #CleanAir

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