Meeting with JCDecaux


Thursday 3 August 2017 Air Quality Brentford met with JCDecaux, TfL and Hounslow Council at the Outdoor Advertising Company’s prestigious Art Deco offices on the Golden Mile. We discussed the possibility of using their advertising space in downtime to raise awareness of the unnecessary pollution caused by idling cars. JCDecaux already use standard stop-start technology on their vehicle fleet and train their drivers to switch off their engines when at a standstill for vehicles without this technology, both for environmental and economic benefit. They have 4 electric vehicles which they plan to increase by a further 6 in the coming year.

jcdecaux3.jpgJCDecaux worked with Maxus to create the Body Shop / Air Lab campaign which actually improved the quality of air in bus shelters by removing harmful NO2 and Particulate Matter at roadsides. We hope that in partnership with the bus stop site landlords, TfL and Hounslow Council, JCDecaux will be able to help roll out a similar campaign about air quality both locally and London-wide.


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