Applying for £ to make Brentford greener

IMG_7680.JPGSeptember/October 2017 This seems to be the time of year for funding applications and we have applied for CiL funding from Hounslow Council and a small forum grant to see if we can help improve the green infrastructure in Brentford. We hope that some of our applications are successful.

The projects we have in mind are:

1) Hedge or living wall at the railings in between Middlesex Court, Glenhurst Road, Brentford and the busy A4 traffic, see above. We have spoken with TfL about planting here to help mitigate the harmful effects of air pollution from the traffic, both for the residents of Middlesex Court and also the neighbouring residential roads beyond. It’s possible that TfL could help with match-funding this as this is their land.

Orchard Rd Brentford station2.png2) Planting on the grassy slope outside Brentford station at the end of Orchard Road, near the Kings Arms pub, Station Road, Brentford. This grassy slope is currently uncared for and attracts rubbish. It is the gateway to Brentford when visitors and workers arrive off the train.


3) Planting hedging around Mercury House on Glenhurst Road. We had a meeting with Hounslow Homes and the grounds maintenance people to ask about planting hedges around the perimeter of the grounds, a little like the laurel hedge in the private flats adjacent to it. This would help mitigate the effects of pollution (NO2 and particulates harmful to human health) from the busy M4/A4 roads near by. We’ve asked that additional costs are not passed on to the residents of Mercury House to maintain this.

IMG_8705.JPG4) Planting under trees and in available spaces, greening Brentford and taking inspiration from Bonnington Square in Vauxhall, see above. As a group Air Quality Brentford would like to plant under trees and where opportunities arise to help with air quality and improve the look of our streets. We would like to ask the community to get involved in this in a voluntary capacity, we’d buy the plants and compost and we’ll provide the labour.

Adelaide Terrace.png
5) Planting outside Adelaide Terrace. We’ve discussed with TfL whether it is possible to do some planting outside Adelaide Terrace. They are going to do a stat survey to see if it is possible to build a structure on the pavement in this location, similar to that on the North Circular at Hangar Lane. If it is possible this could be another area for match-funding with TfL.

watermans court bford high st.png
6) Planting in the empty brick planters outside Watermans Court on Brentford High Street.
At the moment these 10 planters remain empty. We would like to buy plants for these containers and get volunteers together to help plant them.

green dragon estate.png7) Working with Brentford Towers Residents Association to make the Green Dragon estate even greener.

glenhurst road on to A4.jpg8) Greening under the M4 flyover. Quite a challenge in such a hostile environmentbut other countries have made progress with this to help counteract air pollution.

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