Response to Hounslow Council’s Air Quality Action Plan consultation

8 December 2017 

Referring to p27 of the AQAP, see Figure 10, we are bemused that Brentford is not included as one of TfL’s 187 Focus Areas for air quality across London, within the M4/A4 Corridor, for air quality across London.
p28, Action taken in one area, e.g. Hillingdon or Hammersmith will not affect our part of the road. As one of the worst pollution hotspots, Brentford needs to be looked at specifically as a single Focus Area dealing with 10 lanes of traffic from the M4 and A4 in addition to the North Circular.
p29, Brentford does then appear on this map.

Air Quality Brentford ask the Council to take the following actions in their AQAP, to be business-like in their approach, working in a ‘SMART’ manner (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based) and report regularly on their on progress:

Important lobbying
– For Hounslow Council to lobby the Mayor’s office for the ULEZ to be extended beyond the current proposal of the inner boundaries of the North and South Circular, to include Brentford and the whole of Greater London. See our blog post:
– Work closely with TfL to make Brentford’s buses emission-free, now rather than at the end of their 5 year contracts with older diesel engines
– For the Council to lobby TfL to implement clean bus corridors through Brentford
– Ask for Brentford to become a ‘Clean Air Zone’.
– To provide or encourage a diesel scrappage scheme to help owners of more polluting cars to buy low emission vehicles instead.

A4 and Brentford’s roads
– For the Council to work with TfL to reduce the speed limit on the A4 in the residential area from 40mph to 30mph to help mitigate the harmful effects of air pollution from diesel vehicles in particular, and to improve road safety in this highly populated area, with people and traffic sharing the road.
– We ask that Hounslow Council, Hounslow Highways and TfL take joint responsibility for the regular cleaning of the A4 and the central reservation as a measure to reduce dust, and to keep this area from being unsightly. Specialist vacuum cleaning equipment will be needed to ensure that Particulate dust is removed rather than recirculated by sweeping.
– To actively encourage/publicise ‘no idling’ of all vehicles in traffic queues, at traffic lights and at railway level crossings, throughout Brentford and the borough.
– To enforce 20mph limits where currently left to driver’s discretion,

Hounslow Council’s fleet
– For the Council to ensure their fleet is emission-free, i.e. electric or hydrogen, replacing diesel, even Euro VI emits harmful pollutants. Research what European counterparts have done, e.g.
– To insist that waste-collection vehicles and recycling collection vehicles turn their engines off when not moving, to stop unnecessary idling of vehicles. We are already a pollution hot spot without their contribution.
– To inform the fleet drivers and collection staff of the health implications of working with and around these diesel vehicles. Although they can’t see these emissions it is damaging their health.

Brentford Businesses and Organisations
– For Hounslow Council to actively work with local businesses to raise the issue we face with high levels of harmful NO2 and Particulate Matter, especially involving their own fleets and delivery solutions, e.g.
– For the Council to do more in raising awareness of air quality/environmental issues themselves.
– For the Council to liaise with Brentford’s doctors surgeries to raise awareness of the health implications of NO2 and Particulate Matter.

Green infrastructure
– We ask that the Council actively increases the green infrastructure around the A4 especially running through the residential area, with more hedges in particular.
– Research ways of applying green infrastructure under the M4 flyover in liaison with Highways England who will need to access the pillars for maintenance.
– For the Council to offer hedges to be planted around playgrounds for all schools close to heavily polluted roads in Brentford.

Applying the Air Quality Action Plan
– We would like LBH to inform the public what worked and what didn’t, since the last action plan. What have they learned.
– The 6 themes identified in the current consultation should be consulted on in respect of identifying action plans with concerned amenity groups such as Air Quality Brentford, Friends of the Earth, The Green Party, Brentford Community Council and other interested parties.
– We ask that all action plans within the environmental strategy are measured and are accountable and that they engage with AQB and other amenity groups more often to identify issues.

One thought on “Response to Hounslow Council’s Air Quality Action Plan consultation

  1. The National Air Quality Plan Technical Report (?July 2017) noted that 2241metres of the M4 in Brentford needed a feasibility study to be done on it to identify mitigating measures as it did not fall within the boundaries of the illustrative Clean Air Zones. Highways England was stated as the owner of the road but the report did not say which body was responsible for carrying out the study.

    At one of the Hounslow AQAP launch events the council officers present appeared to be unaware of the requirement for this work to be done.


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