Clean Air Parents’ Network (CAPN)

Tuesday 27 February 2018 Catherine MacGuire from ClientEarth ventured over to Brentford amidst snow flurries, to tell us about their Clean Air Parents’ Network (CAPN) which has just launched. She also listened and took a note of the concerns we have with air quality in Brentford.

ClientEarth has successfully taken the Government to court 3 times, and a 40 minute debate followed in the House of Commons on 21 Feb in response to Ruth Cadbury’s question to Theresa May: “The High Court ruled that the government has comprehensively failed to properly tackle air pollution; which does the Prime Minister feel is worse, the government losing in the High Court for a third time or the 40,000 early deaths that result from air pollution every year in the UK?”

Partnered with the British Lung Foundation for this project, ClientEarth aim to build up a network of parents and carers to lobby MPs and demonstrate that air quality is an issue of national significance. Focussing on London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool they aim to raise awareness of issues on a local level that can be applied on a national level.

The Clean Air Parents’ Network is now live and ready for people to sign up. The Network also has a Facebook Group for parents, carers, teachers or anyone you know who’s concerned about the impact of air pollution on children’s health.

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