People’s Question Time in Hounslow

IMG_4707.JPGThurs 1 March 2018 The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, ventured over to Hounslow Civic Centre in the snow, with colleagues from the London Assembly to answer questions from the local audience. Chaired by Tony Arbour, the topics included: transport, safety, air quality and environment, housing, growing London’s economy.

Air Quality Brentford asked the Mayor this question (in a truncated version on the day and in full by email the following day):


– We believe that stopping the ULEZ before the North Circular will confound the existing problem of poor air quality in our area with vehicles avoiding charges and we ask that Brentford is included in the ULEZ or made a clean air zone.

– The A4/M4 section of Brentford is a pollution hotspot with 10 lanes of heavy traffic running through residential areas, and the North Circular to the East.

– Children from 4 primary schools cross 6 lanes of traffic to get to and from school.

– The A4 corridor has also been designated an area of opportunity for 7,500 new homes in the London Plan.

– It feels like we’re being overlooked. Can you assure us that additional measures will be taken to clean up our seriously toxic air?

Although we appreciate that some of the traffic passing through Brentford will move away from diesel vehicles, this does nothing to encourage more local usage or anyone who is still able to use the North Circular to avoid paying charges. Our road system is highly polluted around the M4/A4, and the mix of traffic and pedestrians is growing.

This is one of the most polluted roads in London and we ask that special measures are put in to place. Making the North Circular, the A4 up to Gillette Corner, and Brentford High Street part of the ULEZ would have an enormous benefits. Caroline Russell has already acknowledged that this is one of the most striking examples of a hostile street in her recent report and we would like to invite you over to Brentford to see what additional positive action you feel could be taken.


Sadiq Khan thanked us for applying the right kind of pressure on him for cleaning up London’s air and reiterated the reason for expanding the Ultra Low Emissions Zone.

Will Norman, Walking & Cycling Commissioner, replied to our email saying that he’ll be taking up our questions around the A4/North Circular with the TfL team and will get back to us. We’ll post his response.

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