Brentford Gauging Lock planting project

brentford gauging lock before.jpg

brentford gauging lock planting project.jpgSunday 22 July 2018 We were so pleased to have some cloud coverage on this hot summer’s day for our next community planting project. In collaboration with the Canal and River Trust, we planned to add greenery to the island at Brentford Gauging Lock, where the Grand Union Canal meets the River Brent, planting in to six containers. It was a glorious place to spend the afternoon, with boats passing through the Lock, the wildlife and birds, and some great company whilst making a bit of positive change. The canal water was covered in duckweed, a blue-green algae which starves fresh water of oxygen. The Canal & River Trust have cleared this already but it grows quickly in these hot weather conditions.

Many thanks to Kew Gardens in the first instance for giving us three amazing faux lead containers they no longer needed, they look perfect at the Lock. Special thanks as well to Syon House who grew some lovely Verbena and Bergenia for our planting projects. Further donations came from Wyevale garden centre at Syon, we made use of some plants they no longer wanted, and to a neighbour for donating some plants from a photo shoot. We bought some additional plants to add to these and create some visual impact from a distance. The Canal and River Trust purchased the soil and used a barge to move it over to the island saving us the job of doing so. We used a bucket and water straight from the canal to water the plants.

We never really know who will turn up for these events so a final BIG thank you to the volunteers who came out on Sunday and gave their time to do this project and to the Canal & River Trust volunteers who will be helping to keep the plants alive by watering them.

If anyone is interested, we have a bank account and any donations will be used to fund future community planting projects. If you’d like to get involved in our next project please contact us at


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