London National Park City fair

london national city fair.jpgSaturday 21 July 2018 We went along to the London National Park City Fair at Conway Hall, which kicked off a week of events and as a countdown to Spring 2019 when London will become a National Park City, and enjoyed listening to a variety of interesting talks including one from our neighbours in Chiswick Abundance London.

This is an outline of what the National Park City is about:
London is becoming a National Park City because of our 5-year grassroots campaign to turn the idea into reality. People across London want to live in a city that is greener, healthier and wilder, and where more of us spend more time enjoying our city’s great outdoors. Thanks to sustained support our big idea is now backed by people and organisations across society – as individuals, community groups and as businesses and local and London-wide government.

Together, we want more of the good stuff. More children learning and playing outdoors – breathing clean air – more wildlife, more healthy restored rivers, more outdoor art, more walking, more kayaking, more dancing on hill tops and more people demanding a better relationship with our environment.

You can find out about becoming a National Park City Maker here. We’ll continue in our own efforts to make Brentford’s streets greener and will try to do something specific to join in the efforts to make London greener for its new National Park City status in 2019.

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