The Mayor’s tree planting weekend

tree planting plan 1 dec 18_rev_final.jpgFri 23 November 2018 The Mayor of London is planning to plant 75,000 trees across London on the weekend of 1-2 December – it will be the largest community planting project to date. It’s in collaboration with The Woodland Trust and The Conservation Volunteers and will be a part of The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. We have ordered two of the community packs of 50, so we have 100 tree saplings arriving in the next week!

We have met with Hounslow Housing, Hounslow Parks & Leisure, and Lampton 360 and they have given us permission to plant these trees on their land.

On Saturday 1 December we’ll be planting these trees and need your help!!!!

From 9.30am we’ll be planting 60 trees at the small playground/park opposite Brentford Towers on Green Dragon Lane. The Mayor of Hounslow will be visiting the planting project at 10.30am.

From 1pm we’ll move to Mercury House on Glenhurst Road where 34 trees will be planted in to a nursery area to help them establish in size. Once the Mercury House trees have grown to a bigger size they’ll be transplanted by Hounslow Housing to the following estates where space has been allocated:
– 5 trees at Mercury House
– 10 trees at Clayponds estate
– 5 trees at Brent Lea estate
– 4 trees at Layton Road estate
– 5 trees at Sidney Gardens
– 5 trees at The Mall
– 1 tree near the shop on Netley Road (tbc)

Please come and help us on Saturday and join in the fun!

[5 of these trees will also be planted on the South Western Railway slope north of Brentford station later in the week].

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