‘Make Brentford Greener’ front gardens, window boxes and balconies weekend

front gardens.jpg
Join us on the weekend of 6-7 April as part of our ‘Make Brentford Greener’ campaign to maximise the greenery in Brentford’s front gardens, window boxes and balconies, transforming our grey streets and outdoor space in to green corridors, to encourage biodiversity and wildlife, and to help improve our air quality. Let us know what you’re doing to get involved, and if you need help – it would be great to see some before and after photos. Tweet us @agreenerlondon #MakeBrentfordGreener #frontgardens #windowboxes #balconies

This is part of a campaign to make London greener in the run-up to becoming a National Park City this July. It’s a great achievement by all those involved in making this happen. There will be many events to get involved with and a National Park festival at the end of July, read more about it here. We’ve already joined the network and other community groups, schools, groups, organisations and businesses are encouraged get more involved to ensure its success, so sign up here.

This is an extract from the ‘Make Life Better’ section of the London National Park City website:

Let’s make where we live amazingly more green. Growing more plants could make where we live more enjoyable and beautiful, bring people together, be better for wildlife, reduce air pollution, reduce the risk of flooding and provide free food. Looking from space, 49.5% of London is already green and blue. Let’s make it 50%+! Join us in taking action for More Green Spaces, More Plants, More People Outdoors!


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