Netley Road planting project

 netley road planting project 28july.jpg

Sunday 28 July 2019 Syon House gave us five huge containers they no longer needed, so we identified the area outside Netley Road shops as a spot which could benefit, and permission was granted from Hounslow Highways to locate them there.

Many thanks to Brentford FC and Hounslow Council Small Grant for donations to fund this project. Thanks also to Syon House for growing some plants for us: Echinacea, Solidago and Rubekia. Syon Garden Centre also donated some plants and we bought some of their clearance plants to keep costs down, and dug soil from the garden to fill the containers for free.

We wanted to engage with the local community at Haverfield and Brentford Towers in particular so they own the project and then water and look after the plants in the future. All the passers-by volunteered to look after and water the plants so it’s in good hands.

Special thanks need to go to *everyone* who helped with the enormous task of moving 100 bags of soil and numerous plants over to Netley Road, and to those who offered help and water on the day. We loved that one young volunteer was especially keen to help out with the planting on his 6th birthday.

Resting for a moment at the end of the project, it was great to see the positive attention the containers were receiving, with children especially noticing all the different plants and flowers. Green Dragon Primary School have said they’ll help with watering once a week during term-time which will be wonderful.

We’ll be doing one more large project, at Brentford Market Square, in a few months time. Let us know if you’d like to help by mailing us

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