Third time lucky…

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30 July 2020 Community planting project to go ahead on Saturday 8 August with a limited number of volunteer helpers – do let us know if you can help.

We had originally planned the Brentford Market Square container planting project to go ahead in March this year, however there was a supply issue with the steel, an early sign of the disruption to come. The rearranged date for April was subsequently also cancelled due to lockdown and the unprecedented situation we found ourselves in with Covid-19.

With certain parts of life slowly emerging, we now plan to carry out this project on the morning of Saturday 8 August. The containers have been in storage in Somerset, where they were made, and need delivering. We’ve been keeping the plants for the project in our gardens and they need to be re-homed in their new containers and most of all enjoyed for the summer at Market Square.

We would have loved this to be a completely open event for everyone to partake in, however there are still government restrictions in place regarding gatherings and we want to keep everyone safe. If anyone would like to help us please email us at:

This project is part of our campaign to #MakeBrentfordGreener, it’s been funded by Hounslow Council and is in association with our friends at London National Park City.

Any donations towards the cost of the plants can be made to our bank account and would be gratefully received, many thanks:
Air Quality Brentford
Account number: 76622207
Sort code: 600323

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One thought on “Third time lucky…

  1. Hi , I’m. very happy to help out in Brentford on Sat 8 th with planting if you still need volunteers.
    Warm wishes,
    Lynn McCarron


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