Brentford Market Square community planting project

brentford market square planting project 8aug20
Saturday 8 August 2020 With gardening gloves, trowels, sun cream and protective face masks at the ready, we were finally able to complete the community planting project for Brentford Market Square, two years after applying for funding. To answer a few questions: no they don’t have wheels, and yes they are here to stay!!

Huge thanks go out to all of the volunteers who helped on the day, there was an enormous amount of work involved and many hands really made the task lighter. One team of people filled cars and vans with 120 bags of soil sourced from a resident’s garden, plus over 100 plants, and another team unloaded everything at the Market Square end.

At the same time, the containers (4 x CorTen steel and 1 x bright yellow) arrived from IOTA in Somerset where they’d been made. Thanks to Jimmy the truck driver for delivering the containers and to Dan from Goddards for his skilful assistance with the forklift truck in offloading and positioning the heavy planters in their agreed locations.

Some of the plants have been donated to us by Syon House (thank you), others were discounted from Syon Garden Centre when it closed last year, and we bought some more recently. Thank you to Verdict for opening the barriers and allowing access for delivery, to PIP Printing for outputting posters to publicise the event, and to all the local businesses who have given moral support to this project in the run-up to it happening.

Special thanks to Xavi who have installed a tap for water to keep the plants alive, an invaluable resource especially in these very hot summer months and to local residents and businesses who will be watering the plants, we’ll also be keeping an eye on them. Thanks also to Hounslow Highways for working with us to agree the locations of the containers and for finding a solution for the tap.

This project is funded by Hounslow Council, is part of our campaign to #MakeBrentfordGreener and is in association with our friends at London National Park City. We hope everyone will enjoy a greener Market Square and make the most of this valued communal space.

Any donations towards the cost of plants are gratefully received:
Air Quality Brentford
Account number: 76622207
Sort code: 600323

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