Tour de Plants

Feb 2021 This Springtime we’re suggesting a route for you to walk, scoot or cycle around Air Quality Brentford’s community planting projects. The spring bulbs we planted in November are already flowering. This is part of our campaign to #MakeBrentfordGreener to help improve our air quality locally, increase biodiversity and encourage residents to green-up space in their own front gardens, balconies and window boxes. This year has shown just how important green spaces are for mental health and a feeling of well-being and even the smallest space can make a big difference.

❀️ Please get in touch if you can volunteer some time to look after the projects nearest you. For watering in hot months and an occasional tidy-up, email us at

🌼 Post us your favourite plant, tree, insect, or pockets of greenery πŸβ€οΈπŸ¦‹πŸ›πŸžπŸŒΊπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸŒΌπŸŒ² while on your travels #MakeBrentfordGreener @agreenerlondon

A little more info…

🐝 1. Brentford station/Orchard Road – South Western Railway gave us permission to plant daffodils on the grassy slope to the north side of the station. The slope used to attract a lot of rubbish from train passengers, and the flowers have managed to deter the throwing of litter. We also liaised with SWR to plant up two containers on the station platform and four outside the station. The slope opposite the Kings Arms pub is also on SWR land and we look after this as well as the planters on Orchard Road near Mercury House. Further info here, here, here, and here.

πŸ¦‹ 2. Boston Manor Road shops – Hounslow Highways gave us permission to put planters outside the shops here to brighten up this area outside the newsagents and across the road outside the dry cleaners. Orchard Road residents help to look after the plants here and at Brentford Station. Further info here.

πŸ› 3. Eastbourne Road walkway – we liased again with Hounslow Highways for this area which was in need of some greenery and these planters are looked after by local residents. Further info here.

🐞 4. Hamilton Road – we worked directly with the newsagent, pub and hairdressers to add some greenery to this road. This area also used to attract litter. Local residents take care of the plants here. Further info here.

🌺 5. Netley Road shops – Hounslow Highways gave us permission to use planters in this location to brighten up the public area outside the shops. Local residents and the nearby shops look after these plants. Further info here.

🌿 6. Tree saplings on Green Dragon Lane – Lampton 360 gave us permission and worked with us to plant over 100 tree saplings as part of the Mayor of London initiative to plant 100,000 trees across London. We planted most of them on this site and over 30 at Mercury House and these will be relocated in to the green spaces of some of the estates in Brentford once they have reached a suitable size. They were planted two years ago and are beginning to look quite leafy in the summer and have gained a good height. Further info here.

🌻 7. Brentford High Street, outside Watermans Court – in partnership with the Co-op Housing Association we got permission to plant in to the 10 empty brick planters outside the residential development bordering the High Street. Horticultural students at Capel Manor College designed and planted up the containers as part of their final term at the college. We could do with some extra assitance to water these planters in the hot months of the year – can you help? Further info here.

🌷 8. Brentford Market Place – we received a grant from Hounslow Council to green-up Market Place. It took a while to decide on the lovely Corten containers and we got them custom-made for us in ‘Covid times’ which led to some delay, however the containers have made a positive difference to this public space. We look forward to seeing the plants grow throughout the coming seasons. Local residents and businesses look after these plants. Further info here.

🌸 9. Brentford Gauging Lock – working with The Canal & Rivers Trust we used containers donated to us by Kew Gardens to green up the central island at the Gauging Lock. Volunteers at the lock help look after the plants by watering them in the summer. Further info here.

❀️ Air Quality Brentford is a community group, we are all local residents who volunteer some time to care for our environment. Thank you for any donations towards maintaining these community planting projects in the future.
Air Quality Brentford
Account number: 76622207
Sort code: 600323

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