The A4 hedge has been planted!

February 2022 Air Quality Brentford was set up in Spring 2016 to see if we could make some positive change, as residents, to our air quality in Brentford. One of our first ideas was to add more greenery along the A4 and in 2017 we began discussions with TfL to plant a hedge along the residential part of the A4 next to Middlesex Court and Glenhurst Road. Following many meetings and discussions we’re delighted to report that in February this year the hedge was planted. This is part of our campaign to #MakeBrentfordGreener.

We want to thank TfL for all their support with this project and we look forward to seeing the hedge grow and for it to help mitigate traffic noise and pollution along this busy stretch of road.

3 thoughts on “The A4 hedge has been planted!

  1. Good idea, but will it not be used as another dumping space as is the gap between end of garden and current hedges.
    Thank you all for your on-going efforts.


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