Brentford buses update

Here is the latest on our buses in Brentford:

Brentford buses chart_jan2018


The Mayor’s response about our buses

21 November 2016: Tony Arbour (GLA member for Hounslow, Richmond and Kingston) asked the Mayor on our behalf when our buses will be fast-tracked to be emission-free in pollution hotspots like Brentford.

The Mayor’s response is as follows:
My aim is to fast track implementation of Low Emission Bus Zones where air quality is poorest and cleaner buses can make the biggest difference. All parts of London outside of the central Ultra Low Emission Zone will be considered.
TfL will lead by example by procuring only hybrid or zero-emission double-decker buses from 2018. This will transform the fleet as bus service contracts are renewed over time.
Areas such as Brentford will benefit from my plans to upgrade the exhaust systems of more than half the 9,000-strong bus fleet. The latest selective catalytic reduction systems deliver immediate change by cutting tailpipe oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter by up to 95 per cent compared to non-retrofitted Euro V buses.

Concerned Residents Pack Out Meeting


19 January 2017: Discussion on air pollution, traffic and health (TW8 article)

More than 150 members of the local community braved the cold weather on Tuesday evening to hear Professor Frank KellyCaroline Russell AM and Ruth Cadbury MP describe the serious impact traffic has on air quality and health.  Professor Kelly, a leading environmental health academic, was unequivocal about the relationship between diesel emissions, poor health and premature deaths, stating that ill health from air pollution is the second most common cause of early death after smoking. Continue reading

Air Quality Brentford public meeting

17 January 2017: Our public meeting at Brentford Free Church was very well attended, thank you to everyone who came along and participated in the event. If you’d like to help us make a difference please send us an email at

For those that missed the meeting or anyone who would like to look at this again, here is a PDF of the introduction: 01-public-meeting_nicola-intro

This is the link to John Dale’s film about living on Adelaide Terrace on the A4: Continue reading

Brentford’s buses

September 2016: Following interaction with TfL we found out that the buses running through Brentford were all diesel. We continue to ask for our buses to be fast-tracked to be emission-free as we are in a pollution hotspot. Please see chart below to show what the status is at the moment. Continue reading