Hamilton Road planting project

BEFORE, and on a bad bin day:



hamilton road after.jpg

Sunday 3 June 2018 A glorious sunny day for our Hamilton Road planting project in association with Griffin Park Residents, transforming a street corner which previously attracted quite a lot of litter, and outside The Royal Oak and Hair at DJ’s. Continue reading


Seed scattering beside The Kings Arms plus container planting beside Orchard Road garages

seeds and garage containers.jpgSunday 29 March 2018 A chilly day for wild flower seed scattering on the ‘Christmas tree area’ of the grassy slope beside Brentford Station. Many thanks to everyone who donated seeds, £, time and effort to help weed the area and scatter poppy, cornflower and meadow flower seeds. We also gained permission from Hounslow Highways to place the two remaining wooden containers from Syon House beside the garages on Orchard Road. We are liaising with Hounslow Homes to see if we can plant some trees in the gated areas behind these as well in an effort to add green infrastructure to the area.

For anyone who is interested, we have a bank account and any donations will be used to fund our future community planting projects.

Spring flowers at Brentford Station

April 2018 The bulbs we planted in December (read more about it here) really brightened up Brentford Station this springtime and helped to keep the litter away from the grassy slope. Do let us know if you’d like to help make Brentford a greener place, email us at airqualitybrentford@hotmail.com

For anyone who is interested, we have a bank account and any donations will be used to fund our future community planting projects.

Orchard Rd Brentford station2.png

brentford station flowers april 18.jpg


Planting project Brentford Station

25mar photos.jpgSunday 25 March 2018 The first day of British Summer Time, the daffodils on the grassy slope north of Brentford Station are about to flower and with South Western Railway’s permission we built on our original planting project on 3 December.  Continue reading

Trip to Bonnington Square

bonnington_square_trip_dec17.jpgMonday 4 December 2017 We invited our Brentford Councillors to visit Bonnington Square with us to experience in person this amazing green enclave on the outskirts of a busy traffic zone. Taking the train from Brentford to Vauxhall, we walked through the tunnel at South Lambeth Place, across the road and down Langley Lane. Already containers of all shapes and sizes sat outside homes, overflowing with plants. Space had been made around the bases of trees to plant grasses, shrubs and palms. The garden at the centre of Bonnington Square has made full use of the space, transforming it in to a haven of calm for all to use. Residents around the square have fully embraced the value of green infrastructure and have integrated plants wherever possible, bringing life to otherwise uninspiring streets. It’s great to see how the square changes throughout the year – see our September trip here.

Our aim is to make Brentford’s streets and spaces a lot greener to help mitigate the harmful effects of traffic pollution, by adding shrubs, bushes, hedges, trees and planting wherever possible. Hope you’ll join us in this venture!!

Orchard Road planting day

orchard road planting day 3dec17.jpgSunday 3 December Thanks so much to everyone who came along to plant 1600 spring bulbs on the grassy bank by Brentford Station and Orchard Road at the weekend. We were successful in our application for free spring bulbs from the Metropolitan Gardening Association (MPGA) which were generously donated by O A Taylors Bulbs in Holbeach, Spalding. Continue reading

Applying for £ to make Brentford greener

IMG_7680.JPGSeptember/October 2017 This seems to be the time of year for funding applications and we have applied for CiL funding from Hounslow Council and a small forum grant to see if we can help improve the green infrastructure in Brentford. We hope that some of our applications are successful.

The projects we have in mind are:

1) Hedge or living wall at the railings in between Middlesex Court, Glenhurst Road, Brentford and the busy A4 traffic, see above. We have spoken with TfL about planting here to help mitigate the harmful effects of air pollution from the traffic, both for the residents of Middlesex Court and also the neighbouring residential roads beyond. It’s possible that TfL could help with match-funding this as this is their land. Continue reading