Welcome to Air Quality Brentford‘s blog where we aim to share with you what we’re doing in our community. We are a voluntary group of Brentford residents, trying to improve our air quality locally. If you feel you can help us by looking in to a particular area regarding air pollution then please get in touch with us at airqualitybrentford@hotmail.com

We can also be found on Facebook and tweet at @agreenerlondon

As local residents we are in a prime position to identify specific areas of concern and keep eye on situation. We work with people who are able to help make change happen: The Mayor of London, members of Hounslow Council, TfL and other organisations.

We aim to make positive change in these key areas:
– buses: as a pollution hotspot we need to ask TfL to fast-track our buses to be emission-free as soon as possible
– cars and roads: discourage the use of harmful diesel vehicles, look at alternative vehicles, encourage cycling and walking, localising services, looking at deliver
– trees and green infrastructure: make Brentford as green as possible, planting green barriers, helping to mitigate the effects of harmful pollutants NO2, Particulate Matter, CO2
– schools: working with schools to plant trees and hedges, raising awareness, encouraging cycling and walking as an alternative to driving