More trees please!

We trees! Mature trees act like lungs for us humans, providing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and we need more of them to help make our air cleaner.

Air Quality Brentford is taking part in Hounslow Council’s Cleaner Greener campaign alongside other community groups and we are specifically asking for more trees to be planted in Brentford. Trees are either planted on the roads (Hounslow Highways responsibility), Parks (run by Lampton 360) or on housing land (Hounslow Homes).

We’re also asking where and when replacement trees will be planted in the unfortunate event that mature trees are felled.

Working out a tree’s worth
We are hoping that each tree can be valued for what it’s really worth in monetary terms and all their qualities of mitigating air pollution, carbon capture and intercepting rainwater. The London Tree Officers Association have done some interesting research around this subject, click here for more info and also here to link to an article from Forest Research.

Best trees to combat air pollution
We put together this poster from information provided by The Woodland Trust, to show that certain trees are better for mitigating the effects of air pollution, having higher UTAQs (Urban Tree Air Quality) scores.

AirQualityBrentford_pollution tree poster_A3.jpg

and a throw-back to a poster we made in 2017 showing how trees can help remove air pollution.

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