Inspiring front gardens

front gardens.jpg

June 2017 We might not all have the luxury of a front garden but adding greenery to the front of our houses and flats, even in a window box, is one way of helping to combat air pollution.

Air pollution from diesel vehicles is made up for two things: Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) which is an invisible gas and Particulate Matter (PM10) which are tiny particles of dust so fine that they effect our health when breathed in. Leaves help to absorb Nitrogen Dioxide and the sticky dust particles collect on the leaves and are washed in to the ground instead of being breathed in by our lungs. Leaves also absorb another pollution, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which they combine with sunlight and water to produce Oxygen (O2) which we all need to survive.

It would be great if we could bring back greenery to Brentford’s front gardens to help with the issue we face with air pollution from our busy roads. Ealing are also looking in to this with their Ealing Front Gardens Project.

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