Seed scattering beside The Kings Arms plus container planting beside Orchard Road garages

seeds and garage containers.jpgSunday 29 March 2018 A chilly day for wild flower seed scattering on the ‘Christmas tree area’ of the grassy slope beside Brentford Station. Many thanks to everyone who donated seeds, £, time and effort to help weed the area and scatter poppy, cornflower and meadow flower seeds. We also gained permission from Hounslow Highways to place the two remaining wooden containers from Syon House beside the garages on Orchard Road. We are liaising with Hounslow Homes to see if we can plant some trees in the gated areas behind these as well in an effort to add green infrastructure to the area.

For anyone who is interested, we have a bank account and any donations will be used to fund our future community planting projects.


People’s Question Time in Hounslow

IMG_4707.JPGThurs 1 March 2018 The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, ventured over to Hounslow Civic Centre in the snow, with colleagues from the London Assembly to answer questions from the local audience. Chaired by Tony Arbour, the topics included: transport, safety, air quality and environment, housing, growing London’s economy.

Air Quality Brentford asked the Mayor this question (in a truncated version on the day and in full by email the following day): Continue reading

Clean Air Parents’ Network (CAPN)

Tuesday 27 February 2018 Catherine MacGuire from ClientEarth ventured over to Brentford amidst snow flurries, to tell us about their Clean Air Parents’ Network (CAPN) which has just launched. She also listened and took a note of the concerns we have with air quality in Brentford. Continue reading

Future of London Leaders event


Monday 26 February 2018 We were invited to an event at West London University organised by Future of London for their Future London Leaders. The candidates have been recognised by their various companies as future decision makers and they are taking part in this 6 month course. Continue reading

Inclusion of Brentford in the ULEZ

23 Jan 2018 The Mayor of London has been consulting on the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) for the past 2 years. The 4th part of this consultation closes on 28 February 2018, asking where the zone should extend to. At the moment the ULEZ will stop at the other side of the North and South Circular in Chiswick, (not including the North and South Circular roads). Any polluting vehicles entering the ULEZ will need to pay a charge for doing so, limiting their use, which in turn will help make the air cleaner.

We believe that Brentford should also be included in the ULEZ especially with the major arterial routes of the M4 and A4 running through residential areas, and are asking that the ULEZ is extended to the M25 to include the whole of Greater London, in this mayoral term, so that all Londoners are allowed to breathe clean air.

Unfortunately, although the government encouraged people to purchase diesel cars in recent years, it is these diesel vehicles which are responsible for emitting two harmful pollutants which affect human health:

1) Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), an invisible gas
2) Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5), very tiny particles of dust, you can’t see them

and the levels of these in Brentford regularly exceed that which is legal.

These pollutants can limit the growth of children’s lungs, cause heart disease, cancer and lung conditions including asthma.

The consultation is an opportunity to ask for Brentford and the rest of Greater London to be included in the ULEZ. We’d like as many people as possible to take 5 minutes to answer the 9 questions – the more people who do so the better, so please ask your friends and family to take part as well.

Details of consultation can be found here.
Go straight to questions page here.

Short cut suggestions to filling it out:
1) Strongly support (should apply to all vehicles not just heavy vehicles)
2) Oppose (should be sooner)
3) Support (could use other factors like road pricing scheme/level of vehicle emissions)
4) Strongly support
5) Support an expansion but area should be larger (to include Brentford and the whole of Greater London)
6) Oppose (should be sooner)
7) Support (could charge for distance travelled/level of vehicle emissions, etc)
8) Strongly support
9) Support (road pricing system would be fairer to charge for distance travelled)

Part 5
10) Add your thoughts here (e.g. ask for Brentford to be included in the ULEZ).

Caroline Russell (Assembly Member for the GLA) has put together her draft response to the consultation which you might be interested to read for more information.

Hostile Streets event at City Hall

IMG_2853.JPGMonday 4 December 2017 Following our trip to Bonnington Square we headed over to City Hall where we’d been invited to a ‘Hostile Streets’ event, reporting on a series of visits to Outer London junctions. Host Caroline Russell, London Assembly Member, stated that ‘one of the most extreme cases was in Brentford’ where she was stuck in the middle of fast-flowing traffic, with children who use the crossing on a daily basis for school. We asked if traffic on the A4 could be reduced to 30mph to help improve air quality and to improve safety through the residential area. The report lists decreasing traffic speed as one possible measure in improving such roads and this is now in the hands of TfL to consider. John Dales, from Urban Movement and a trustee of Living Streets, chaired the meeting and being local, is also keen to improve conditions on the A4. Dr Rachel Aldred, a Reader in Transport at the University of Westminster, had been looking at the risk factors involved. Lucy Saunders, from TfL said that their approach was to create ‘Healthy Streets’ which has an impact on all people. The Hostile Streets report can be read here – Brentford made it on to the front cover…..

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04 Autumn 2017 newsletter


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