Hamilton Road planting project

BEFORE, and on a bad bin day:



hamilton road after.jpg

Sunday 3 June 2018 A glorious sunny day for our Hamilton Road planting project in association with Griffin Park Residents, transforming a street corner which previously attracted quite a lot of litter, and outside The Royal Oak and Hair at DJ’s. Following on from our planting projects on the north side of Brentford Station and on Orchard Road, Griffin Park residents came out in force to help plant up the containers with great energy and community spirit. Special thanks on this occasion to a local developer for the containers, to Homebase for donations of plants and summer bulbs,  neighbours for the soil and additional plants and tubs, the Premier Express store for letting us use their space and to JJ at The Royal Oak pub for much needed volunteer refreshments.

This is part of our efforts to make Brentford a much greener place to live, to mitigate the harmful effects of traffic pollution and to help make our air cleaner. It also helps to create a more attractive area and discourages litter. To build on this we’re encouraging residents to look at ways to make their own front gardens greener.

If anyone is interested, we have a bank account and any donations will be used to fund future community planting projects. If you’d like to get involved in our next project please contact us at airqualitybrentford@hotmail.com.

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