Air Quality Brentford public meeting

17 January 2017: Our public meeting at Brentford Free Church was very well attended, thank you to everyone who came along and participated in the event. If you’d like to help us make a difference please send us an email at

For those that missed the meeting or anyone who would like to look at this again, here is a PDF of the introduction: 01-public-meeting_nicola-intro

This is the link to John Dale’s film about living on Adelaide Terrace on the A4:

John is keen to make a follow-up film on air pollution if you have a story to tell do let us know.

And also a PDF of Professor Frank Kelly’s talk, for private use only please: 03-brentford-kelly

Feedback from the group brainstorming sessions:

Green infrastructure (we hope to work with Cultivate London and Trees for Cities to facilitate this)
  • Find out what works,  ie. what types of plants and formations, so that we can be focused and effective. We need a plant strategy. Look at California, China and Singapore info on plants and pollution. Work with Kew Gardens.
  • Encourage people locally to return their driveways to front gardens and to plant gardens more generally
  • Establish plants around the base of existing trees e.g. shrubs and bushes and avoid what seems to be currently the practice of concreting around trees
  • If tree height and maintenance a problem, source slow growing hybrids
  • A4 possibility of planting vertical gardens, hanging gardens
  • Restore the surrounds of the library to a garden rather than tarmac/parking
  • Green barriers for Middlesex Court on Glenhurst Road
  • Hedging for Mercury House on Windmill Road
  • Grow Wild have a scheme this year for 12-25 year olds to transform a community space with native wild flower and plants in a local area. Offering £500 to help bring the project to life. (Kew initiative)
  • Brentford Market Place could be a much greener and friendlier space
Cars and roads
  • Too many cars
  • Tax regime especially for diesel vehicles
  • Repair potholes by kerbs for cyclists
  • Congestion
  • Car lobby
  • Need to encourage walking, a mode shift
  • Media coverage of public transport is negative
  • Streetscape is dominated by cars
  • Hedges along main roads
  • More Zipcar systems and most importantly information about them widely available
  • A strategic approach to cycle lanes. Restructuring routes to cut across parks, along railways. Heathrow has very poor support for bikes.
  • Get more secure bike shelters on residential roads to make it easy for people in small houses/flats to store their bikes
  • Improve localisation of facilities for local freelance workers who need fast internet, printing facilities and coffee
  • Look at electric and hybrid cars as alternatives
  • Liaise with companies in charge of electric charging stations
  • World Earth Day exhibit of electric cars at Brentford Sunday Market
  • Possible to work with Evans cycles to encourage bike use. See the Government’s ride to work scheme for people in employment
  • HGVs and local businesses, incentivise to use off peak times for deliveries
  • 30 mph limit through the residential area of the A4
  • to have speed cameras in this section of the road to enforce the speed limit and
  • clear signage to show the expected limit
  • sign explaining that this is a residential area (and a pollution hotspot?), so that people understand why they are being asked to slow down
  • enforcement of the 20mph limit on our local roads or use of the ‘smiley face’ digital display to raise awareness of the limit required
  • park and ride to prevent so much traffic passing through Brentford
  • stop the idling of cars locally and raise awareness that we are a pollution hotspot
  • Pollution from current buses
  • Need for more electric buses (remember trolley buses)
  • Encourage more bus use and discourage cars
  • Extend the E2 bus to West Middlesex Hospital
  • More bus lanes required
  • More frequent 267 route
  • Green barriers required
  • Need to dissuade parents to drive to school
  • Increase road safety on A4
  • Reduce volume of traffic
  • School buses

We have passed this information to Hounslow Council and will be working with them and other organisations to address these issues.

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