Hounslow Clean Air and Climate Emergency Reference Group

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 16.47.01.png

Tuesday 7 July 2020 The second meeting of this group was held online via Microsoft Teams. Having consulted with the community and schools this Spring, Hounslow Council are taking their Climate Emergency Plan to Cabinet next week to be approved. They are starting to implement projects and will give annual updates on their progress.

Here is a summary of some of the points in the plan:
Working with partners such as TfL to review opportunities to generate and provide renewable energy for Londoners
generating renewable heat using Solar PV to power school buildings
reviewing the council’s planning policies to ensure that they deliver zero carbon developments
rolling out a new recycling food waste provision to all residents
– a movement towards electrification of the vehicle fleet
– providing advice for home-owners who charge their electric vehicles on the roadside, eg non-slip mats are required to prevent pedestrians inadvertently tripping over cables
utilising sustainable investment and funding opportunities to implement the climate emergency action plan and green the borough’s economic recovery
– retrofitting the councils social housing stock to deliver energy efficient homes
– greening the borough’s parks and open spaces
– piloting the installation of an Air Source Heat Pump at Cavendish Primary School with the aim to power the school building and any additional energy generated used to power neighbouring homes and Council buildings

It was noted that as a result of COVID19, economically, Hounslow is the 2nd worst effected London-borough impacted with over 42000 residents furloughed.

The Council is developing a Green Recovery Plan to support the borough’s economic recovery. A Green Recovery Board has been set up and has representatives from buisnesses, government agencies, think-tanks and academic representatives to help inform the direction.  Four innovation labs iLabs have been set up.
These focus on:
– Creating Low Carbon Neighbourhoods (we’ll be taking part in this one)
– Stimulating a Low Carbon Economy
– 21st Century mobility
– Green growth to generate new jobs in greening the borough

The Air Quality Action Plan update was interesting as it showed that there was a 27% reduction in Nitrogen Dioxide pollution in Brentford during lockdown in comparison with the same period last year.

We asked the Council to look in to:
– making woodlands/further greening on Council land
– and again if the speed on A4/M4 section running through Brentford’s residential area could be limited to 30mph to help reduce air pollution from traffic



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